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Heyy! We're Sophie and Kelly, two sisters who decided to start a bit of a side hustle selling clothing, to be totally honest we are still figuring things out as we go along, learning along the way which is great fun and at times a little chaotic!

Sophie: I'm Sophie, the older sister, I have three children and also work full time alongside running SOKAYAA! Always loved fashion and being a mum of three, affordable fashion is so important to me as I know times can be hard!

Kelly: I'm Kelly, absolutely love travelling and wearing different styles wherever I go! I also work full time as a Commercial Officer just now alongside running SOKAYAA!

We're not entirely sure where this journey is going to take us, we're just starting out but we can say for sure that we're excited to see what's in store for us in the future.

Thanks for the support, we really appreciate it!